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AIA Forms

Certified Payroll Forms


Change Order Forms


Articles and answers to questions about changes in the scope of work during ongoing projects

Construction Contracts

There's only *one* product that I recommend (I very, very strongly recommend it) for construction contracts and that's the Construction Contract Writer.

Please do not *EVER* rely on a 'one-size-fits-all' contract for your construction company!

All construction companies are different and all construction companies must have contracts that are designed to that company's needs - not a contract that is designed for the masses.

No one wants to get hit between the eyes thinking that a clause in the 'one-size-fits-all' would protect them from a certain situation ... only to find out that it doesn't.

'One-size-fits-all' contracts will *never* cover 100% of your bases.

If something goes sideways you could be looking at a *significant* cost in legal issues, even if the contract you got was free!

Relying on a 'one-size-fits-all' contract that covers the construction laws for any state other than the one you're contracting in isn't going to cut it.

Same with having the same 'one-size-fits-all' that your neighbor construction company uses.

It simply won't work. There will be clauses that are missing that your company needs for its protection as well as clauses that are written incorrectly ergo again leaving you unprotected, there'll be the wrong size or color of a particular string of text (California, not sure which other states, actually governs the size of font that you have to use for certain clauses), or a word or two will be missing from a state-required clause, etc. - and all of a sudden you're going to find yourself on the wrong side of the Judge's ruling!

You must have a contract that isn't going to put you at risk with your customers or with your subcontractors.

You need a contract that 'has its t's crossed and its i's dotted' ;o)

You must have a contract that meets every single requirement, no matter how small, of your state for your construction contract to be valid.

It bears repeating... you must have a contract that won't put you at risk with your customers or with your subcontractors. In addition the contract must meet your state's requirements in order to be valid. A contract written to *your* company's needs.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, you no longer have to go the expense of an attorney to accomplish this once-formidable task.

Now from the comfort of your own office you'll quickly and easily create customized contracts for every project/customer, as well as for each individual subcontractor if applicable, and all of the contracts will be tailored to your company's best interests.

I do believe that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the low cost and the terrific capabilities of the program. Click here for more information.

Articles and answers to questions about contract requirements

Employment Application Forms


Articles and answers to questions about employment

This eBook is the Definitive Guide to "Get Paid!"

This is an in-depth eBook about how to get paid when dealing with difficult customers. It's written toward restoration contractors but the insights are very helpful for all construction contractors no matter the trade.

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to this book with a couple of my own articles! You might think that would make me biased but I gotta say that this book truly does have terrific articles, suggestions, and wonderful guidance on getting paid (and I'd still say the same even if I wasn't in the book). ;o)

Click through to see a list of the wonderful contributors to this book. Also here's a link to the IAQRadio segment on the book.

Invoice Forms


Articles and answers to questions about construction invoices and project billing

Joint Check Agreement Forms


Articles and answers to questions about joint check agreements

Labor Release Forms


Letter of Transmittal Forms


Lien Waiver Release Forms


Articles and answers to questions about waiving and releasing lien rights

Mechanic's Lien Forms


Articles and answers to questions about mechanic's liens

Notice of Completion Forms


Articles and answers to questions about notices of completion

Notice to Owner Forms (WA)


Order to Stop Payment Forms


Order to Stop Work Forms


Owner's Forms

California Legal Notice of Non-Responsibility

Articles and answers to questions about the legal notice of non-responsibility

Preliminary Notice Forms


Articles and answers to questions about preliminary notice law

Proof of Service Forms


Proposal Forms


Articles and answers to questions about proposals, bidding, estimating

Request for Information Forms


Time Cards / Time Sheets


Spanish-language Forms



These are forms / documents that you download to your computer and use with the listed software programs - you must have *your* computer (the computer that the forms are stored on) to use these forms. Using these forms on a computer was all the rage for many years and lots of my customers still find them useful. But I've licensed a couple companies to carry these same forms because they have better options for how to use the forms. I've included links to these partners of mine on this page as well as an explanation of each (apps and browser/cloud) below.


These are forms that work on your smart devices as apps - no matter where you are you can fill in the app on your phone/tablet and it converts your information into a beautiful, printable, e-mail-able document; you and your customer can sign it directly on the device with your finger or a stylus and you can use these apps *without* an internet connection. When internet access does become available (or should you use data) you'll be able to email the filled-in and signed form from your phone/tablet to your customer, your office, your home, wherever you'd like to send it.

Use the time cards/time sheets app and your employees will be able to sign and submit their time cards/time sheets in the same manner! That alone makes it worth it to check these out. Imagine how happy your workers would be not having to trek a time card into the office every week, and how much happier your office employees will be when they don't have to touch those icky, greasy time cards - just print an employee's filled-in time sheet from online ...ick and grease not included.


These are forms that don't require that you download anything to either your computer or your phone/tablet - wherever internet access is available (or data if you use it on your smart devices) fill in the forms from within a browser (on *any* computer or device) and then print, email, etc. the form; it allows for excellent collaboration with coworkers and customers even when everyone is spread across the world. The forms are saved in a private cloud that you're given which allows you to share your documents with others, and everyone can sign the same document no matter where they are. Edit them any time you'd like from any computer or smart device. They're super simple to use and yet can help you to accomplish so much more than you might imagine.


I am always happy to chat about creating custom forms  whether it be for your Word/Excel/Adobe or apps for your smart devices or for your browser / cloud. Please contact me here for more info.

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