Military Base Requirements for Contractors

Image of military base requirements for contractors, posted at military baseMilitary base requirements for contractors, posted at a federal military base located on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Military base requirements are plentiful. Most often, when working on a military base, you will be required to show your personal identification (drivers license if you are driving); the current registration paperwork on your vehicle; and current vehicle insurance paperwork - but that's not all...

In addition to these three items, your name must be on a list, of expected visitors, at the guard shack. Without all of these items you might find yourself denied access, which can throw you into breach of contract with your customer.

Military Base Requirements re: Employees

Chances are that included with your contract was a request for information on each employee (and vehicle) that would be on the base for your portion of the project.

If such a request is not part of your contract paperwork, it would still do you good to submit the information to head off trouble at the pass.

Typically, the base requested items of information are as follows (please note that this list is fluid as requirements change):

  • Full name of each employee
  • Social security number of each employee (sometimes yes, sometimes no)
  • Address of each employee
  • Drivers license number/government I.D. of each employee
  • Vehicle registration for each vehicle
  • License plate number of each vehicle
  • Insurance policy number (and possibly a copy) for each vehicle

Military Base Requirements re: Info About the Project

You should also include the following information about the project:

  • Name, address, and phone number of your company
  • Title of the project (such as: Court Building #202)
  • Name of the military base (such as: Ft. Irwin)
  • Anticipated dates of performance of your portion of the project

Your general/direct contractor (if you're a sub) may provide you with a form to request this information.

If not, then you can type all of this information onto your letterhead and send it to your general/direct. He/she will forward it to the ROICC (Resident Officer In Charge Of Construction).

If you're contracted directly with the military base you can send the information to the Resident Officer In Charge Of Construction (ROICC).

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Military Base Requirements re: Breach of Contract

There are a plethora of various requirements that you must follow when you are actually on the job site (such as those in the image above).

Make sure, when you're on a jobsite, that you and your guys follow ALL regulations, signs, etc. If you get thrown off of the jobsite you may get sued for breach of contract!

Military Base Requirements re: Refusal at the Gate

No previous notification

It's happened to us in the past that our customer (the General/Direct) somehow slipped and didn't get our information to the military base ahead of time. Because of that, we started sending the information directly to the ROICC at the same time we sent it to our customer.

Documentation not on hand

Also, even though all the information may have been provided to the ROICC, if you and/or your guys don't have Drivers License/I.D., Vehicle registration paperwork, and vehicle insurance paperwork, again you/they will probably be denied admission.

My husband found himself at the guard shack of a base once without his proof of insurance.

He had to sit outside of the gate for two and a half hours (too far to drive back to the office) until our insurance broker opened at 9:00 am and our agent faxed a copy of his insurance paperwork to the guard shack.

Since then he ALWAYS keeps his paperwork with him! Make sure your employees do the same.

Documentation doesn't match

Your employee's truck won't start so he takes his wife's car instead.

But his wife's car doesn't match the documentation submitted.

In today's day and age that can keep your employee from gaining access to a military base.

Make sure your employees understand that they need to have their proper paperwork, in order, at all times when working on a military base.

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