New Jersey Payroll Certification

By Diane Dennis

New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects including Fringe Benefits

The New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form and Fringe Benefit Statement are put out by the state of New Jersey.

The governing entity on a New Jersey public works project will have you fill in and submit the New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form and Fringe Benefit Statement to them to make sure that all of your employees on the job are being paid properly.

They're typically a pain in the bu** to deal with (not the government, the forms... although now that I think about it... ;) but we've made it easy! :)

I've put both the New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form and Fringe Benefit Statement Form in an Excel format.

The New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form will do all of your calculations for you and you can save these forms filled in.

What information do the certified payroll forms require?

Most public entities (read: Government) require contractors on the project to submit certified payroll forms that are a written record of:

Certified payroll forms are typically used on projects that are known as public works projects. A public works project is a project that is at least partially funded with government funds.

  • The name and social security number (or other identifying number) of every employee the contractor has working on the project

  • The classification of each employee
  • The withholding information for each employee
  • The straight time and overtime hours that the employee works on the project
  • The gross amount the employee has earned for the week for all jobs the employee worked on, whether for the project the form is for or not (some employees will work on more than one job during a week, the government wants to know that)
  • The individual deductions from the employee's paycheck
  • The total amount of deductions from the employee's paycheck
  • The net amount of the employee's paycheck

Some of these prevailing wage payroll reports even require the number of the check that the employee is paid with! One more way for the government to dig into your business...

Why are the certified payroll forms needed?

The forms are designed to help contractors to submit information regarding their payroll when performing work on a certified payroll project which are typically financed at least in part by government/public entity funds.

These forms also allow the public entities to track who is working on the project, and that each worker is being paid correctly, and that deductions are being handled properly.

While most contractors will be honest and pay what they're supposed to pay to the employee, unfortunately there are some contractors out there who don't and then they lie on these forms.

We know of more than one occasion where the contractor paid the employee the prevailing wage rate, then when the employee cashed his check, he was required to give back to his employer the difference between his regular wage and the prevailing wage rate.

Doing that allows the contractor to either make a killing on the project, or underbid you and win the job.

Unfortunately those bad eggs are out there and those business practices of theirs will win the bid pretty much every time (underpaid wages = lower bid).

Thankfully the reporting requirements make it so that the government has plenty of information to hopefully track down those bad eggs once they start reporting payroll on the project.

Where to get these required New Jersey Payroll Certification forms?

New Jersey Payroll Certification Form image and link

New Jersey Payroll Certification Form and Fringe Benefits
Excel and PDF

Instant Download, Fill-able, Save-able, Calculates, Unlimited Usage!
Includes Instructions

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