6 Steps to Starting Your Own Handyman Business

Are you always fixing things around your own house and doing odd jobs for your friends and neighbors? You might have a future as a self-employed handyman. The valuable guidance from TheContractorsGroup can help you navigate challenges that you might face while running a handyman business. Furthermore, here are a few tips to get your company off the ground!

Choose Your Specialties

Rather than establishing your business as a general contractor, you might want to focus on a specialty instead. This will allow you to target your marketing efforts and streamline your day-to-day operations.

Choosing a specialty will allow you to position yourself as an expert in your niche, prompting customers to view your business as more reputable. Think about your strengths and experience to decide on your specialty.

Establish Your Company

You’ve determined your specialty, and now, you’re eager to go into business and start working with your first customers. But you still have a few tasks to take care of first. You’ll need to register your business in your state and choose a name for your company.

Unless you plan to take on your first few projects completely solo, you’ll also have to hire your first employees. To find qualified workers in your specialty, Breezy recommends posting well-written job descriptions with clear information about compensation and benefits to make your company stand out.

Insurance and Licensing

Your insurance and licensing requirements for your handyman business will vary state by state. Research your state’s requirements to ensure that you have obtained the right licenses and insurance policies for your business. You should also look up any laws that regulate handyman services in your state, such as permitted hours of operation and employment laws.

Marketing and Branding

In order to find your first customers, you’ll need to effectively market your business. Yes, spreading the news about your company through word of mouth is helpful, but print and digital marketing efforts can help you connect with customers quickly. Think about a name that will leave a positive impression on your customers, and consider names that will be memorable for people who hear about your business. You’ll also want to come up with a symbol for your business using quick custom logo design software. You can include this logo in all of your marketing materials, from your business website to print advertisements in local publications! Make sure that your logo illustrates your niche.

Creating Estimates

As a contractor, creating your very first estimates can be challenging - you might find it hard to assess how much a particular job will cost. To come up with a realistic estimate, you’ll want to use construction estimating software and work with the “unit cost” method: start by compiling every line item for a particular job, incorporating a unit cost for each item, and then totaling those figures. Add your personal markup for the final tally.

Managing Your Finances

You’ll need to use invoicing software with your accounting system in order to bill your customers, receive payments, and manage your finances. By choosing an accounting system that automatically generates and sends invoices, you’ll be able to conveniently keep track of your documents and cash flow on one platform. You’ll also be able to track your spending on tools, materials, and other operating costs. During tax season, you can simply hand these documents over to your accountant!

Working full-time as a handyman can be very fulfilling. Working with your hands is satisfying, and you can make a sustainable living! With these tips, you’ll be able to achieve your goals of working as a handyman full-time.

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Marissa Perez, author of the above article, has spent the last 10 years honing her marketing skills and now she wants to share her knowledge with those who have decided to take on entrepreneurship. She co-created Business Pop to provide insight and advice to those who aspire to succeed in owning a business.

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6 Steps to Starting Your Own Handyman Business