Washington Certified Payroll Report Form

Information about the F700-065-000 Washington Certified Payroll Report Form

Enacted in 1945, the Washington State Public Works Act, also known as the “prevailing wage law”, is a worker protection act. It requires that workers be paid prevailing wages when employed on public works projects, and on public building service maintenance contracts.

RCW 39.04.010, RCW 39.12.010, and RCW 39.12.020

Contractors must keep accurate payroll records for three years following the date of acceptance of the project by the awarding agency. Payroll records must show the name, address, Social Security number, trade or occupation, straight time rate, hourly rate of usual benefits and overtime hours worked each day and week, including agreements to work up to 10-hour days, and the actual rate of wages. Upon receiving a written request by any interested party, the contractor must, within ten days, submit Certified Project Payroll records to the awarding agency and the department.  The Washington Certified Payroll Form allows you to keep these records.

RCW 39.12.010 (4) and WAC 296-127-320

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