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Whether you need to organize home or office you've come to the right place

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Organizing Our Offices (not a fun past-time but so desperately needed)

When I first started this newsletter/website I sent out a survey asking those who were my readers at that time what they would like to read about, what they need help with.

One of the ideas most brought up was organizing, how to organize the office.

If you have ever spent Sunday evening dreading facing your office Monday morning... (I do - when I'm lucky enough to not already be at my desk Sunday night) ;)

If you have wondered what it would feel like to not be behind the eight ball when trying to get your paperwork done... (Does the paperwork involved in construction EVER end?)

If you wish it were easier to find things on your desk... (Heck, sometimes I can't even find my desk let alone the stuff on it!)

Then hang with me and we'll see what we can accomplish together!!

The Key Is To Stay Organized Once You Get Organized

One of my biggest problems is not being able to keep up with my organization, not being able to stick with it.

This is something that I hope we can help each other with. I firmly believe that no one organization system is a 'one size fits all'; everybody needs to organize in the way that their brain works so that they'll know where to find things.

But sometimes it's hard to see from the inside what might help.

Have you ever found yourself offering suggestions to someone for something that they've been struggling with figuring out - and your suggestion was exactly what they needed?

Or has anyone ever stepped in and offered a suggestion to you that made all the pieces fall into place?

It takes a village to organize an office... ;o)

I have autism and organization is so not within my skill set - either that or I just haven't come across the organization system that will work for me.

Putting that aside, I know it's difficult for everyone to get organized. That's where the 'village' comes in...

If someone mentions in the comments below that they need help with something please feel free to jump in if you have a suggestion(s)!

You CAN Do It!

I've also got that wonderful ADHD - talk about interfering with organization! So I am open to suggestions and if you're a professional organizer please let me know. We'd all love to have a bit more room in our offices to breathe and together I believe we can all do it - organization at its finest!

Have an outstanding day!

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