Inbox Magazine Issues

These Inbox Magazines (aka email newsletters) ;) are such quick reads that my subscribers are even able to take a few moments to read it on their smart phones & tablets while on the jobsite (or wherever they might be at the time).

Here's a list of my past issues (I've been kind of not really on the scene much lately so the issues have been very sporadic - I'm working at getting back at it):

Issue #13 -
Special Webinar Series From The SBA About The Affordable Healthcare Act

Issue #12 -
Jobs to Bid on! Plus Fax-to-Email/Email-to-Fax...

Issue #11 -
Tax Tips To Help You To Keep More Of Your Hard Earned Money

Issue #10 -
Changes To Laws Could Put You In Violation With Your Employee Break Policies

Issue #09 -
What You Don't Know About Preliminary Notices Can Hurt You

Issue #08 -
The Direct Contractor Refused to Pay $98,000 Worth Of Signed And Approved Change Orders - And Got Away With It!

Issue #07 -
He MURDERED His Employer's Client! Are Your Client's Safe? Are You Safe? Are Your Employees and Family Safe?

Issue #06 -
QuickBooks 2013 And The Color/Resolution Controversy - Intuit Blames The Customer In A Round-About Way

Issue #05 -
Think That Labor Release Form From Your Sub Is Valid? Think Again!

Issue #04 -
He Trusted His Long-Time Sub And Got Burned! What The ****??

Issue #03 -
Intuit Kills QuickBooks 2010!

Issue #02 -
Enterprise Risk Management - How it Affects Your Business

Issue #01 -
How Did This Company Reduce Waste And Increase Profits?

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