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Issue #12 - July 9 2013


I hope that your week has started off well!

In today's main essay I've done something a little different than an article. I was contacted by a General/Direct Contractor asking if I could help him find bidders for a job he has going. I've listed his job plus it gave me an excellent and exciting idea for the website and I need your quick input on it. This could help all of us to get back on our feet!

Also in today's issue in the Check it Out! section ... did you know that roughly 2 million trees are killed every single year due to faxes? Yep, faxes! Learn how simple it is to save some trees, and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket in the process, and keep your precious time open for more important things than spending inordinate amounts of your time with a fax machine.

My Quick Tip for today has a warning about free forms.

And finally there's a special request for you. Your answers will help me to help you. :)

I hope you enjoy this issue of

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"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the
chance to work hard at work worth doing."

~  Theodore Roosevelt

Construction Jobs To Bid On

By Diane Dennis

Rather than an actual article this week I have a question for you...

What are your thoughts on me adding a section to the website where contractors/owners can list projects that they need bids on and other contractors (and suppliers) can contact those contractors/owners to let them know that they'd like to bid the project?

A general/original contractor contacted me about a project he needs bids on, wondering if I knew anyone I could refer. I don't have a list like that so I told him I'd publish his job here so that you could read it and reply if you'd like to bid.

This particular project is located in California but I can do this for all states. :)

I'd love input from all General/Direct Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and anyone else as to what they think of this idea and whether or not they'd use it.

So if you're interested please click here to send me a quick note saying yay or nay, and whether you're a General/Direct or a Sub or a Supplier so that I can figure out where the interest lies.

And if you know anyone who would be interested please forward this email to them so that they can join in.

If there's enough interest then I'd love to add it as a feature to the website (it's actually kind of exciting to think about, I'd love to be involved in helping contractors and suppliers connect to locate bidders and projects to bid on). :)

Here's the contractor and his project that bids are currently being solicited for:

Klein Construction
Jon Klein

Citrus Project 54-unit Apartment Complex, 2 and 3 stories
11111 Citrus Drive, Ventura, CA 93003

Jon Klein is the General Superintendent and he needs bids on most trades. He has the plans on CD and they're also available through Dropbox and via email.

Please click here to send him a quick note letting him know that you're interested and what your trade is.

He'll then send you the plans through Dropbox, or via email, or a CD in the mail.

If you have a job you'd like listed to solicit bids, or if you know someone who has a job that he/she needs to solicit bids on, please let me know.

Check It Out!

Did you know...

It's estimated that roughly 17 million faxes are sent every year and that 2 million(!) trees are eaten up every year because of it.

This is SO not needed any more, it doesn't have to happen. With fax-to-email/email-to-fax you can send and receive faxes through your email.

Imagine the savings to you...

  • You don't have to print it which saves you paper and ink - and filing time
  • If you have to fax to a long-distance number you don't have to pay long-distance charges because long-distance calls are included in the low monthly fee (as low as $9.95 per month for unlimited faxes)
  • When your customer has to send a fax to you they won't have to pay long-distance charges (because you'll have a toll-free number that's included at no extra charge - you won't have to pay their long-distance charges either, unlike when you purchase a toll-free number)
  • No more lost time and money standing in front of a fax machine trying again and again to send a fax because the receiving fax is busy, busy, busy
  • It's one more way to be "green" which saves us all!

See more at:

Quick Tip

Watch out for free forms on the Internet. I have found so many that are not "good", they aren't legally valid, they don't protect your interests, etc.

I spend a great deal of time creating the construction forms that I sell. I study the laws and I build the forms based on those laws.

And when the laws change I update the forms to reflect those changes.

In addition I always welcome requests for changes to the forms I have. Some changes I can do super quick at no charge and some require more work which requires that I charge but the quality of work you'll get from me is truly unparalleled.

And to top it off, if you have forms that you are filling in by hand and you want them to be fill-in-able with your computer I can always create those forms for you.

If you have forms that you use on your computer that you would like changed to better reflect your company's needs I can do that too.

Please feel free to contact me about any forms you need. I love making forms for my readers/customers/friends. :)

Additional options for forms:

FREE 30-DAY TRIAL! Use and sign forms on your smartphones/tablets/mobile devices, add pictures, email the filled in forms, print the filled in forms, save the filled in forms, change the filled in forms, etc.; there's so much you can do right there on your smartphones and tablets (AND IT'S ALL FREE FOR 30 DAYS):
Increase your productivity (and decrease your expenses) by using forms on your smartphones and tablets

USLegalForms - An incredible array of downloadable construction forms, many many more than I have available. Check 'em out, I've been working with these guys for many years and have never received a complaint from anyone that I've referred to them.

A Special Request From Me To You

I'm hoping you can help me out here ${token1}... :)

I've exhausted the list of suggestions that I received the last time I surveyed everyone about what they'd like to read about in my newsletter so it's time for me to ask for another round of suggestions.

Would you mind sending me a quick email letting me know what you'd like to read about? You can reply to this email and I'll receive it.

A super-popular request was about organizing so I'll definitely continue to supply information on that, and products that can help with it. :) If you do still want more information on organization please do include that in your list of items you're interested in so that I can guage how many people still want organization help.

In addition, are there specific products (or types of products) that you'd like me to review here?

Thank you so much for your help!

Look Who's Talking!
Send me your comments and see your name in lights! ;)

"Hi Diane,

Thank you for getting back to me so quick! i'm so excited now!! I actually need both bundles that you've given me the links for. Your forms & your knowledge of the whole CA laws for Certified Payroll to filing a 20 day Preliminary Lien Notice has been so helpful in keeping our company up to date!"

~ Laura Zeller - Zeller Electric

What Did You Think?

If you haven't yet, please let me know your thoughts on the main "article"
(about adding bidding to the website) by posting your comments here.

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