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Issue #1 - April 15 2013


I hope that your week is starting off well! (with it being tax day and all, ugh!) ;)

Essay archived/outdated

Also in today's issue...

If you're looking to supplement your income while we struggle with this economy then I've got what might be the perfect solution. Find out more in today's Check it Out!

And, with my Quick Tip for today, find out how to "tickle your customer's fancy" and get more referrals and work in the process.

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Diane and the team at

"The future depends on what you do today."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Check It Out!

Did you know that foreclosures can greatly increase contractors income?

Foreclosures are trashed, filthy, and in need of physical repairs and landscaping work - but there aren't enough foreclosure cleanup or property preservation companies to meet the need.

What better addition to your construction company? The market is wide open, you're already in the building industry, it's an inexpensive yet potentially lucrative opportunity (plus it'll keep your employees busy) - and frankly who better to hire for these projects than you?

Find out more here:

Quick Tip

Tickle your customer's fancy! ;)

I was tickled when my dog groomer gave me a couple coffee mugs with their company name and contact information on it (and I don't even drink coffee!). I still have them and guess who I call whenever I need my dog groomed and I can't get my son to do it?

Don't forget the importance of special little touches for your customer (and to contribute to your business success).

While a nicely completed project does make your customer super happy, as odd as it might be it's almost always those nice little touches that are remembered (and it's those little touches that get you more work from your customers and their friends).

It's so simple and there are so many choices (mugs, t-shirts, magnets, canvas bags, pajamas, etc.); you go to "Custom Gifts" and upload your company logo (or any image/text/etc. that you wish) and then when you're ready to purchase an item you order it and they print and ship it.

It's inexpensive (especially compared to your return on investment) and there's no minimum purchase required; just purchase as you need/want them.

Look Who's Talking!

Thank You Diane!

I really appreciate your help and FAST response! I'm so computer illiterate! If I hadn't married into this construction business, I would have been fired 33 years ago! LOL SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY I FOUND YOUR SITE! My son used it for his construction business and told me about it! :)



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