Gary Oltmanns

Gary is President of Southern California Insurance Brokerage, Inc.  He started his insurance career part time in 1970 while still in school.  From there he formed his own agency in 1972 selling auto, homeowners, and small commercial insurance products. (Click here to read more about Gary)

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Gary's Articles

1. 7 Imperative Questions You MUST Ask Your Insurance Broker

It is so very important to make sure you get the important questions answered by your insurance broker. This list provides an excellent start with 7 of those questions and suggestions on the types of answers you want to hear.
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2. OCIP - WrapUp - Owner Controlled Insurance Programs/Policies

At first glance an OCIP or WrapUp can appear attractive to all involved.  But are they really? This article was co-authored by Gary Oltmanns and Diane Dennis.

3. Sunset Clause
What it is and why you should think twice before paying for one...



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