The First Chicken Coop

Needing to take a break and looking for some inspiration I started doing some 'surfing', looking for Latin words for construction and related words and just kind of kept following links that looked interesting.

Eventually I happened upon an article that held up to the promise of being interesting.

It was about the early years of construction (like "before the pyramids" early).

It pondered over the origins of construction and what todays' buildings owe their 'lives' to.

Keep reading to see a funny video showing another reason why one might want a chicken coop!

He also writes about how some of the earliest building materials had to be wood (I guess after mud? or was wood first?).

He began surmising about what the first structure built might have been. Not a lean-to but rather an *actual* structure.

Eventually he came to a very interesting conclusion, and kinda funny really.

The buildings today (including ships and trains and the like) most likely owe their thanks to the coming together of the minds of our earliest ancestors … and a chicken coop which was almost assuredly one of the first structures they ever built.

Chickens need to be corralled!

If we think about it, it makes a lot of sense that they needed to corral those dang chickens.

Have *you* ever tried chasing and catching chickens? It ain't easy!

Although maybe a bit easier than catching a greased pig! ;o)

A chicken coop really was undoubtedly one of the first construction projects.

Poor chickens - no more freedom…

But lucky us!

Thanks to those chickens, and their captors, we now have wonderful buildings today!

Could most definitely be true…

As promised here's that video … Poor kid - I'd venture a guess that he'd like a chicken coop not to avoid having to chase the chickens but rather to keep them from chasing him! ;o)

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