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AIA® Forms G706

Contractor's Affidavit Of Payment Of Debts And Claims

The contractor submits the AIA® forms G706 Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims along with the final request for payment aka final invoice.

AIA® Document G706 Affidavit requires the contractor to list any debts or claims (such as payroll, bills for materials & equipment, and other) in connection with the construction contract that have not been paid or otherwise satisfied - that the Owner could end up being responsible for.

You may also find that you have to include a lien bond or indemnity bond along with the G706 to protect the Owner with respect to each exception (the list of debts/claims if any).

AIA Forms G706® Contractor's Affidavit Of Payment Of Debts And Claims

AIA® forms G706 Contractor's Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims requires the contractor to show:

Contract Quantities:

  • Scheduled Quantity
  • Scheduled Unit Price
  • Scheduled Value
Work Completed:
  • Quantity Previous Period
  • Amount Previous Period
  • Quantity This Period
  • Amount This Period

As well as the following:

  • Materials Presently Stored
  • Total Completed and Stored to Date
  • Percentage
  • Balance to Finish
  • Retainage

Submit The Affidavit With Your Final Request For Payment

The G706 will state that all bills (materials and equipment), payroll, and other indebtedness connected with the work, if any indebtedness exists, for which the owner might be responsible has been paid or otherwise satisfied.

If the contractor has any unpaid/unsatisfied indebtedness or known claims on the project this AIA Document G706™–1994 is designed to provide that information for the owner's protection.

You might also be required to furnish a lien bond or indemnity bond to protect the owner with respect to each exception.

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