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AIA Forms - G701 Change Order Form


The AIA contractor form G701 Change Order may be used as written documentation of changes in the work, contract sum, or contract time that are mutually agreed to by the owner and contractor.

It provides space for a complete description of the change and for the signatures of the owner, architect, and contractor.

A problem though with AIA forms is how do you fill them in? By hand with a pen? On a typewriter?

What about with your computer and printer?!

Fill in your G701 AIA Change Order forms with your Computer

If you'd like to fill in your G701 AIA forms, and other AIA forms, with your computer then check out this program that will fill in your hard-copy AIA forms (and nope it's not from the AIA itself, the cost of those forms will put you out of business.

With this you fill it in on your computer following the layout that the program gives you, then feed an AIA form into your printer, hit print, and voila! your printer fills in the form with the information you typed into the program with your computer.

For an exclusive discount use code TCG (stands for TheContractorsGroup) when checking out.

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