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AIA® Forms - A205 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction of a Small Project

One of the 'meatiest' documents of any construction contract is about the general conditions of the project

The A205 is a major part of the contract for construction and covers the three "r's"; it sets forth the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the Owner of the project, the Direct Contractor, and the Architect.

A205 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction of a Small Project is considered the keystone document of the Small Projects family, since it is specifically adopted by separate reference into both the AIA A105™ and the AIA B155.

The A205 is a vital document, in that it is used to allocate proper legal responsibilities among the parties, while providing both a common ground and a means of coordination within the Small Projects family.

The A205 is a condensed document that omits arbitration and other alternative disputes resolution (ADR) provisions. ADR provisions may be included in A105 under Article 6, "Other Terms and Conditions".

Usually sold only as a set with a common instruction sheet, the two documents (A105 and A205) have been developed for use when payment to the Contractor is based on a stipulated sum (fixed price) and when the project is modest in size and brief in duration.

A105, A205, and B155, comprise the Small Projects family of documents.

These documents are written for use as a set. Although A105, A205, and B155 share some similarities with other documents, according to the AIA the Small Projects documents should NOT be used in tandem with other document families without careful side-by-side comparison of contents.

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