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Abbreviated Owner/Contractor
Agreement Form

This A107™ is the 'Abbreviated Owner Contractor Agreement Form' for use where the basis of payment is a stipulated sum (fixed price) - on projects that are larger and more complex than those that can use the A101 / A201 forms.

However they are *not* for use on the larger projects; this is an 'abbreviated' agreement form (albeit not as abbreviated as the A101/A201 forms) and the larger projects need an even more complex agreement than the A107.

I guess it could be referred to as a 'mid-sized project' agreement form. ;o)

This form can also be used when the Owner and Contractor already have a working relationship in place (e.g. a 'like' previous project) or if the project is simple in detail and short on duration.

Do you know what happens if you need to make change(s) to AIA forms that you've already filled out?

If you need to edit the info on an AIA form document (such as the A107) that you've already completed (whether you did it by hand ugh or typewriter ugh'er ;o) or computer) you'll find that the AIA requires that you use (and pay for) a whole new blank AIA form - just to print that revision.

That gets expensive REAL quick; faster than overdraft fees can domino in a bank account!

No One But The AIA Itself Is Legally Allowed To Sell Dowloadable, Fill-In-Able, Digital Format AIA Forms And Documents!

Heads Up!

The AIA® spooks your customer with a warning at the bottom of every form stating that... If the warning text isn't red then the form isn't an original.

At one time AIA forms were the forms that most contractors thought were best (they aren't, they're skewed in the architect's favor); nowadays contractors are realizing the value of this software that's available (with *instant* access no less) - and it's kicking some AIA dinosaur butt! ;o)

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Many years ago I found out that often times when a contractor was required to use an AIA form they would actually most often be allowed to use a form that was AIA-like, it didn't necessarily have to be an AIA-form, but they didn't know that or they didn't know where to get them.

So I started looking around to see what I could find out about that.

I came across this company, Quantumss, that has several programs available, one being an 'AIA' module.

I talked to the folks behind the scenes and got the inside scoop. :o)

The first exciting bit of info was that this is so much less expensive than doing it the AIA way.

When you can use AIA-Like documents just imagine how much money that'll save you over purchasing a new AIA document every time you need one (which is a legal requirement of the AIA - use a photocopy and you're in violation of the AIA's copyright!)

Many times when someone uses AIA forms, and/or requires the use of them, that person isn't aware that there are programs that create documents that are literally quite like the AIA forms - without the exorbitant prices of course!

[Either that or it's an AIA architect that's determining which paperwork will be used] ;o)

This is all done without infringing on the AIA copyright -
It's Legal & It's So Incredibly Less Expensive!

But what even more contractors aren't aware of is that not only do these programs print entire documents, filled-in, that are like the AIA documents but …

If you absolutely *have* to use an AIA form this program will fill in the AIA form(s) for you!

You'll enter the information on your computer, put a hard-copy of the AIA form into your printer, and hit print.

Voila! You didn't have to fill it in by hand and you didn't have to struggle with getting it lined up in a typewriter.

If you're tired of submitting AIA forms that aren't up to par with your business's professionalism then I recommend that you take a look at this program.

You can use the forms that are like the AIA forms when you are *not* required to use the actual AIA forms - and then when required to use AIA forms you'll use the program to fill in your hard-copies.

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