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Unconditional Lien Waiver Form Tips and Cautions

What you need to know BEFORE signing an unconditional lien waiver form. The things you don't know could cost you significant time, money, and your rights.

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Bid Construction Jobs

How to bid construction jobs - As featured in the Sep/Oct issue of Construction Savvy

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Reputed Owner in Construction

Learn what a reputed owner is and how it can affect your mechanic's lien rights

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About Us

Read more about us here - we'll show you how to quit banging your head against the wall!

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Construction Contract Template

Construction Contract Writer = Construction Contract Template

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Crush the chaos of contracting!

20+ years of contractors' chaos crushed! Extensive and unique information written to keep that chaos away from your contracting business!

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Construction Invoice Factoring

Construction invoice factoring - Learn why this 'cash flow' can be a viable option for your company

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Construction Forms, Documents, and Articles

Construction forms and articles to help with every aspect of your construction business

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Construction Invoice How-To: The Ultimate Guide

Preparing a construction invoice is frustrating - follow this in-depth guide to get it right

Continue reading "Construction Invoice How-To: The Ultimate Guide"

Organize Home or Office

Organize home or office, whichever it is (or both) click through to read more!

Continue reading "Organize Home or Office"

AIA Forms - G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion

AIA Forms - G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion - Information and more

Continue reading "AIA Forms - G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion"

California Legal Notice of Non Responsibility

California Legal Notice of Non Responsibility - Information and forms for property owners

Continue reading "California Legal Notice of Non Responsibility"

Construction Change Order Forms

Construction Change Order Forms - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Continue reading "Construction Change Order Forms"

Certified Payroll Forms Information

Certified Payroll Forms Information - Click here for the How-to and Why...

Continue reading "Certified Payroll Forms Information"

Preliminary Lien Notices

Preliminary Lien Notices - their purpose, how to use them - and there are fillinable forms available

Continue reading "Preliminary Lien Notices"

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