Social Media for Contractors

By Diane Dennis

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Word has it that work is picking up (although other news says it's not). Make sure you're positioned to grab work as it becomes available! 

That's where social media for contractors comes in... It'll help you to kick your competitors' collective butts! ;)

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Still Not Using Social Media To Reach New Customers?

If you haven't yet started promoting your business on the various social networks you're leaving money on the table. If you're using social media but haven't received any training or help with it then again you're leaving money on the table.

One of the articles I included in the free gift for all of my subscribers, written by Darren Slaughter, is about how to market your business.

I've rounded up a couple intriguing opportunities for you in regard to marketing your construction business (and related industries) through your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

I've heard it said often that Facebook is for personal and LinkedIn is for business. Personally I think they can all be used to advance your business to the next level, and then the next and the next. 

And there are plenty of contractors using social media for their business that must agree because they're succeeding at it every day.

So without further ado…


This quick video explains why this often overlooked social networking site is delivering double the results over every other site for construction professionals and how you can easily do the same thing.

Travis Bontrager, who is an expert when it comes to LinkedIn, put it together and I know it'll add value to your business. Actually, after watching this I realized I need to step up my own efforts on LinkedIn ASAP!

Please take my word for it and click the link above to watch it now!


Stand Out on Facebook is an instantly downloadable eBook designed to help you set up a creative and engaging Facebook page.

It guides you through completing 20 tasks within 4 weeks, walking you through each task step-by-step.

This eBook will help you get more "Likes" on your page by using strategies that will make visitors actually WANT to like your fan page!

Another area that I need to step it up on!

Diana Urban, author of this excellent eBook, is someone I have followed for years through an unrelated website where she's the "Head of International Marketing". Who better to learn from?

Click on the link below to check it out.


The biggest mistake marketers make with Twitter is not realizing its full potential as a way to bring in more revenue. In fact, 42% of companies have acquired at least one customer through Twitter.

This free downloadable eBook will teach you all about Twitter and Vine (Vine is Twitter's new mobile video app - everybody's coming out with apps these days!).

... Oh and uh by the way, did I mention that it's ... a free and instant download? ;) Get your copy now while you're thinking about it. Quick and easy!


Social media for contractors = More business for contractors!

Watch for upcoming information regarding promoting your business through Google+.

Cheers and have a very profitable day!

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