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AIA Forms G702 & G703
Contractor's Application &
Certificate for Payment

The AIA contractor form G702™ Application and Certificate for Payment is a convenient form with which the contractor can apply for payment and the architect can certify that payment is due.

The AIA document G702 Application and Certificate for Payment requires the contractor to show:

  • The status of the contract sum to date, including the total dollar amount of the work completed and stored to date;

  • The amount of the retainage (if any);

  • The total of previous payments (if any);

  • The summary of the change orders (if any);

  • The amount of the payment currently being requested

AIA Document G702–1992 serves as both the contractor’s application and the architect’s certification.

Its use can expedite payment and reduce the possibility of error. If the application is properly completed and acceptable to the architect, the architect’s signature certifies to the owner that a payment in the amount indicated is due to the contractor.

The AIA® Form G703 Is
The Continuation Sheet For The G702

The G703 Continuation Sheet must be used in conjunction with the G702 form.

It breaks the the contract down into portions of work using a schedule of values that is included in the general conditions.

If the contractor has completed the G702 application properly and if the architect accepts it then he/she will sign the G703 which signals to the owner that a payment in the amount indicated is due to the contractor.

The form also allows the architect to certify an amount that is different from the amount you invoiced for.

But s/he must include a strong, bonafide explanation as to why s/he changed it.

No one but the AIA itself is legally allowed to sell downloadable, digital format AIA forms and documents


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