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Contractor's Application & Certificate
for Payment and Continuation Sheet

When required to do so contractors use the G702™ and G703™ when they need to submit an invoice/bill for work they've performed on a project.

The contractor submits his G702™ to the Owner and/or Architect.

The architect is then required to certify/verify that the G702™ document submitted by the contractor is accurate.

He needs to make certain that the contractor is not invoicing for payment for work not yet completed.

When the Owner sees the Architect's signature on the certification the Owner knows whether or not it's okay to pay the contractor.

If the Architect says that a different amount is to be paid then he has to explain why he changed the dollar amount.


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Requirements of the G702™ form:

When using the G702™ form you'll be required to show:

  • The status of the contract sum to date, including the total dollar amount of the work completed and stored to date
  • The amount that's been retained (if any)
  • The total of any and all previous payments (if any)
  • A summary of the change orders (if there are any)
  • The amount of the payment currently being requested

The claim by the AIA® is that this form can cause payment to be made quicker, and also reduce the possibility of error.

I can see where they can make a claim of the possibility of errors being less but I'm kinda doubting that any form in particular can force someone to pay the bill any quicker than they choose to (legal language or not).

No one but the AIA itself is legally allowed to sell downloadable, digital format AIA forms and documents

Pay close attention when visiting websites that state they have downloadable AIA forms because they don't really - they're 'AIA-Like' documents.

It used to be that the 'AIA-Like' was 'hidden' within the fine text on the various webpages. I'm not sure if the AIA had anything to do with it but now most of the websites make that statement (or something like it) a little more obvious.

If you absolutely have to have a downloadable AIA form you'll have no choice but to purchase it from the AIA - but be prepared to lose an arm *and* a leg in the deal! ;o)

A Program That Fills In G702 (And Many Other) AIA forms

The closest you can get to an electronic format of an AIA form and still keep that arm and leg…

A program that will fill in the various hard-copy, AIA forms for you!

There are a few programs out there that'll do that for you as well as they come with electronic documents that are very much like AIA forms.

If you'd like to fill in your G702 AIA forms, and other AIA forms, with your computer and printer then you've got to check out this program that will fill in your hard-copy AIA forms.

When using this system you'll:

  • Use your computer to fill in a virtual copy of the AIA form, and/or answer questions, that the program asks you

  • Put the AIA form into your printer

  • Hit print, and voila(!) your printer fills in the form using the information you entered

But that's not all this system does…

If you can use forms that are equal to and look very much like AIA forms, instead of having to use an actual AIA form (expensive and one-time use), then you're in luck!

Some of these programs will print out an entire form with the information you entered, onto a blank piece of paper - but unlike the AIA forms that are a one-time usage you can use these AIA-like electronic forms an unlimited number of times!

Many years ago I met Mark Mauger.

Mark has a system that does all of the above and more.

[Keep reading for an exclusive, and pretty darn good if I do say so myself, special offer from Mark to you my reader]

His system has several different modules, available for individual purchase, such as a module for AIA billing (G702/3, etc.), a module for certified payroll, etc.

If you have to do certified payroll, state and/or federal, then check out that module as well (for up to 40% off use the discount code TCG when purchasing).

Mark's team keeps up-to-date the:

  • Prevailing wage rates for the varying trades - for all the states and federal
  • Employment tax rates - for all the state and federal taxes/deducts
  • Fill-in-able, savable, printable, upload-able (for those states that require it), and re-usable (unlimited usage) forms for all the states and the feds

When you enter your employee's trade information and hours plus any other items used to determine the wage rate this program module will enter the pay rate and do ALL of the calculations for you - and you'll be able to print out a complete form, meaning the form itself *with* the information you entered, will print onto a blank piece of paper.

For states like California that's *excellent* because the DIR system does not save copies for you when you use their website based system.

Mark's system has a few other modules as well - one that comes to mind off the top of my head is vehicle tracking.

Mark has offered to give you, my reader, his various programs/modules with some exclusive (and pretty awesome) discounts - as high as 40%!


This discount is available only for your first purchase. Make sure you pick up every module you'll need during your first purchase because the exclusive discounts will not be available to you after you make your first purchase - whether or not you avail yourself of the discount during that first purchase.

But you have to:

The AIA® Form G703 Is The Continuation Sheet For The G702

The G703 Continuation Sheet must be used in conjunction with the G702 form.

It breaks the the contract down into portions of work using a schedule of values that is included in the general conditions.

If the contractor has completed the G702 application properly and if the architect accepts it then he/she will sign the G703 which signals to the owner that a payment in the amount indicated is due to the contractor.

The form also allows the architect to certify an amount that is different from the amount you invoiced for.

But s/he must include a strong, bonafide explanation as to why s/he changed it.

That would be so frustrating to say the least - even without the fact that now you may have to pay for a brand new form so that the architect will sign off on it!

Don't forget to take a look at the programs Mark has for you that you can get for up to 40% off when using the code TCG. This is an exclusive discount so be sure the discount code TCG is in the discount field *before* making your purchase.

Do you use actual AIA forms or do you use a software program, or do you do both? Please let me know in the comments section below. :o)

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