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If you're looking for digital or downloadable fill-in-able AIA contracts, documents, and forms … unfortunately I have some bad news - but then some great news!

NO person or entity is allowed to sell or in anyway distribute digital or downloadable fill-in-able AIA forms and documentsno entity except for the AIA itself.

Digital AIA Forms

Turn your AIA forms into digital documents.

Turn your own forms into digital documents.

Visit PDFFiller for more info.

Have no doubt that the AIA will go after anyone selling digital AIA forms to other people. O_o

So anytime you come across a website that claims to have digital AIA forms, somewhere within the fine print or within the main print if they're upfront about it it'll say "AIA-Like" or "AIA-Compatible" or 'AIA-Formatted" and so on.

If you find a company claiming to sell digital AIA forms or downloadable fill-in-able AIA forms either:

A) they're not really AIA forms or
B) they're doing it illegally (Napster anyone... ?). ;o)

AIA forms are *crazy* expensive

I priced the AIA's 'packages' recently and found that they can run as high as $2000 and more!

These packages are basically licenses for a certain amount of uses of the form - once you hit that number you have to pay for more uses.

Zoom there goes another $2000+ out of your account…

As an option to the 'packages' they also offer a 'Documents on Demand' service that allows you to purchase individual uses of a digital copy without having to purchase an entire package.

I found that some of their forms are $40 and higher - for ONE use.

It might not be a bad idea to ask your customer if you *have* to use official AIA forms or if you can use forms that resemble official AIA forms and collect every bit of information that the official AIA forms collect.

Check out this software (use the code TCG when making your purchase [not after your purchase] to get an exclusive discount):

A) fills in your own hard-copy AIA forms for you although you'll need a new copy of each AIA form when you need one - this software ends up being more expensive than the other system mentioned above - but it's also MUCH more robust, and

B) provides you with documents, that are very much like the AIA documents, that can be filled in and printed in their entirety - the form and the info you entered, and

C) allows you to use the AIA-like forms as often as you need (unlike actual AIA forms that you can use only once - unless of course you're using this system).

Software that fills in actual hard-copy AIA forms *and* it includes AIA-Like forms that you fill in, and they'll print in their entirety, when you don't *have* to use an actual AIA form

There are several companies that have created software programs that'll fill in your hard copy AIA forms for you.

You use the software to 'fill in' the form on your computer and then put a hard-copy AIA form in your printer and hit print.

Provided it's all lined up well it's almost as good as having digital versions.

It prints the information onto the form and you're good to go.

But some of these software programs offer more…

They come with 'AIA-Like' documents - they aren't the actual thing but close enough to the actual thing that many users of AIA forms are finding that the 'Like' forms are being accepted in place of the actual.

And yet even more…

The company I recommend below here also has software that'll handle your certified payroll for you - both federal and state (for all 50 states)

It even already has all of the employment tax rates and whatnot entered so that you don't have to do any calculations; it works automatically ... and the software is updated whenever there's a change to taxes, withholding, etc.

California contractors who do work for the state, this program *also* works with the new DIR system and the uploading of the A-1-131 Certified Payroll information.

After much research the software program that I recommend is...

Quantum Software Solutions

... and Mark, the owner, has provided an exclusive offer for my readers - up to 40% off the various modules.

Please use the links here at my site when you're ready to visit his site or the offer won't be available.

Should you decide to purchase the program please make sure the code TCG is there before you check out (if it's not then you can enter it in the box) because the discount is available only before the purchase, not after.

Reasons to handle your AIA forms without the AIA…

Doing your AIA paperwork with the Quantum software program is like having the original electronic forms from the AIA site - but without the outrageous expense.

In addition it saves you from:

  • Ruining an expensive AIA form by it not being lined up properly in a typewriter
  • An untold amount of wasted time trying to create your own template to fill in your AIA forms - again with the risk of ruining an expensive form on the printer
  • Filling in the form by hand with a pen - we all know how professional that looks [not] :o\

The AIA® requires users of its forms to purchase a new copy every single time they need one; unfortunately they charge up the ying-yang for it.


Find a typo on your document?

  • Legally you're supposed to buy a new copy, not change the one you you've already filled in

Did something change on the project requiring a change to a document?

  • Legally you're supposed to buy a new copy, not change the one you already filled in

Need to re-award a trade because the Sub you already wrote up the contract for, for whatever reason can't do the job?

  • Legally you're supposed to buy a new copy, not change the one you already filled in

Just a simple change to a document means you're required to use (and pay for) a whole new blank AIA form to create and print a revision.

I don't know if using white-out and writing in the proper information is allowable to the AIA but most surely it's not good in the eyes of your customers.

At the price the AIA charges for its forms, using a new one every time adds up to 'beaucoup bucks' FAST …

AIA®-Like Documents

When using the electronic AIA-Like documents that are included within this software you'll:

  • Enter the information into your computer

  • Save it

  • Print it

  • Watch an entire form print out, the template and your information, onto a plain piece of paper

  • Send it off to the recipient

If you need to make changes it's as simple as editing what you entered, saving it, and printing it again (the entire form will once again print and it'll have your changes).

You can do that as often as you need to because the included AIA-Like forms are unlimited usage - unlike those beyond-outrageously expensive, genuine AIA forms.

If You Absolutely Have To Use Actual, Original AIA Documents…

If you absolutely have to use actual, original AIA documents you still can, and should, use this software program.

It's easy and it allows you to have that professional appearance (instead of typing or handwriting to fill them in):

  • Enter the information into your computer and save it
  • Place an original AIA document into the printer
  • Hit print and the information you entered into your computer will populate the AIA form that you placed in your printer

If you need to make changes it's as simple as editing what you entered and saving it (but you'll have to use a new original AIA document to print the one with changes because of the AIA requirements for using their forms).

I Hate To Say It…

... and no doubt the AIA wouldn't appreciate me saying it, but if you can avoid the 'real' AIA forms do so because the expense adds up so quickly.

And the restrictions they put on the forms are ridiculous!

Even Filled-In AIA Documents Are Restricted By The AIA!

Did you know that the AIA restricts how many copies you can make of your filled-in form? At the bottom of each document is a statement that you're allowed to make only a very limited number of photocopies (e.g. 10) of your filled-in form that YOU paid for!

Paying for every use is bad enough but limiting the copies you can make of your filled-in form(s) is just beyond crazy! And no doubt that each time you email it and/or fax it that'll count toward the limit.

When you do have to use them though this software program is a minimal investment with the capabilities it has and the time it'll save you, allowing you to do things you *want* to do rather than having to drudge through endless paperwork that you *have* to do.

Oddly enough when you look at it, the AIA forms aren't an investment in any way, they're an ongoing cost.

On the other hand the software program will pay for itself over time; especially when you can use AIA-Like documents and also because it'll fill in your AIA forms.

Unfortunately the AIA forms will continue to cost you every single time you need to use one but that's the AIA's doing.

When a customer wants AIA forms see if you can't instead get them to go for the documents within this software program that very closely resemble the AIA forms.

Let them know that because you'll have to pay for every usage of every document, if they insist on actual AIA documents, the price of the project will increase due to the boost in overhead from the expense of the AIA forms.

Please Click Here to visit Quantum Software Solutions … and don't forget your secret discount code TCG!

How Often Do You Find Yourself In A Win-Win-Win Situation?

Win #1: You'll have professionally filled-in AIA® forms when you're required to have the actual AIA® forms

Win #2: You'll have AIA-like forms in case you can use a form that's like an AIA form but doesn't have to be the AIA form itself

And unlike the actual AIA forms, the AIA-like forms are unlimited usage; they don't cost you every time you use them.

Win #3: You save money, your client saves money (if you choose to pass on some of the savings), :o) and you'll present an even more professional image to your potential client - enhancing your chances of winning the project.

So if you find that you don't have to have actual AIA forms and can use AIA-like forms instead, or if you'd like to fill in the actual AIA forms with your computer, then check out this program that does exactly that.

Use the one-time use AIA forms when you absolutely have to use AIA and then use the unlimited usage AIA-like forms (included) whenever you can (they're unlimited usage) and avoid those outrageously expensive AIA forms.

For some overkill… ;o) Here's that link one more time to visit Quantum Software Solutions to see what they have for you … and don't forget your secret discount code TCG!

What about your company? Does it use a program to fill in AIA forms when you need them, or do you fill them in by typewriter, or by hand? Let me know in the comments box below. :)

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